The Twyman Family: A One Name Study

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Welcome to my website dealing with my One-Name Study into the Twyman surname.  Detailed herein will be details of varying lines of Twymans I've researched from all over the world - from the UK, to the United States, to Canada, to New Zealand, to Australia, and beyond.  Herein you'll also find indexes to original documents, and much much more.

Please find above, also, a link to this site's web-forum to allow all to discuss information pertinent to the Twyman families.  Please drop in and join and discuss anything from the Twymans, to family history in general, to all those random little things.



21-May-2017: A new edition of the study newsletter has been uploaded, to report recent developments into my research into the origins of the surname.  I'll also be updating the surname origins section of the site in the coming days, but might not have chance to do this until the weekend due to work commitments.

11-Feb-2017: Just returned from a research trip to Canterbury, and so I've uploaded a new edition of the study newsletter to report on what I did during the trip & on recent developments in the study.

26-Nov-2016: After a long period of planning, I've started issuing a newsletter for the one-name study...the first issue of which is available from the new newsletter section of the site.  At this time the newsletter is only available in PDF format, but if there's a desire for it to be issued in other ways or if there's any feedback & suggestion for how to improve/add to the newsletter please don't hesitate to get in touch either by email, Facebook, or on the forum.

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