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Having been researching the Twyman surname for over a decade, I have naturally collected a significant amount of information regarding literally thousands of Twymans all over the world going back to the 16th century.  In order to allow for better searching and a breakdown of just whom I have researched, I have thus added the index below.

This index contains basic information regarding those individuals in my research (currently only names beginning with the letters A, B & C are included) - essentially the index contains name, year & place of birth, as well as parents & spouse name where known.  Also contained in the index is a reference number unique to each individual therein, which corresponds to their record in my Legacy file.

Index of Twyman Individuals

If, after searching, you find an individual of whom you would like further details , please feel free to contact me with details of the individual their RIN number, and I will be happy to compare notes & forward you details of what I know about this person & their ancestors.


Please note that omitted from the index are the details of anyone who is still living, or details of anyone whom I am uncertain as to the current status of - in this digital age I know many are concerned about the integrity of their personal data, and I feel it's inappropriate for me to share details of anyone still living.

Please also note that the year given in the index is year of birth.

Last Updated: 3rd November 2016